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Transfer Application

Apply to have up to nine of your items transferred to the new world!

Prism Party is almost ready for its 2024 Survival reset. But, before then, we're allowing players to save up to nine items to bring over to the new world once it releases. However, this is not an automatic process, and there are restrictions. Players wishing to move items from Survival must review this page carefully and fill out the form provided below.

Starting March 23rd and until April 6th, Prism Party will be hosting multiple "Transfer Events" for players interested in moving their items to the new world. Players interested in having their selected items transferred must fill out the application form below and attend a Transfer Event on any of the days which one is active.

Transfer Events

Transfer Events are special events hosted within Prism Party's Survival server on specific days between March 23rd and April 6th. During times when a Transfer Event is active, players will be able to travel to /warp Transfer with their nine items and await a meeting from Staff. Staff will then review the player's inventory to ensure all items are allowed, before saving their items for transfer. After a player's inventory is processed, the player will be disconnected from Survival and will be unable to reconnect until the reset.

Before a player can attend a Transfer Event, they must have filled out the transfer form found at the bottom of this page.

Transfer Event Schedule
Saturday, March 23 (1pm EDT)
Sunday, March 24 (5pm EDT)
Wednesday, March 27 (9pm EDT)
Friday, March 29 (10am EDT)
Saturday, March 30 (1pm EDT)
Sunday, March 31 (5pm EDT)
Wednesday, April 3 (5pm EDT)
Friday, April 5 (9pm EDT)
Saturday, April 6 (10am EDT)

Be mindful of the time in your timezone! Times listed here are Eastern Daylight Time (USA).


In order to keep gameplay balanced within the new world, some items will not be transferable or may have other restrictions. Staff will review all items brought for transfer by players at their own discretion. If an item is deemed invalid, the player may replace the item with another and continue the transfer process without losing a place in line.



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